RCS builds and / or maintains your website whether made in Joomla! or in WordPress.
If you want a completely new website, we are happy to help with the structure. Our motto is “short and clear”. We have developed a method for this which is appreciated by our customers. This method is flexible and can be adapted entirely to your own wishes.

Make sure you define your expectations and needs in terms of services. Check carefully whether RCS is the right fit.
Are you looking for someone who thinks along with you, or do you already have everything on paper and do you want the party to just do it?

If you want to find out if RCS fits the trajectory that you have in mind, you should not only rely on the word of RCS. Do thorough research in advance, because the project is too large and expensive to go wrong. At the same time it is not handy if irritations arise during set-up, while you then have to work together for a long period of time.